Criticism Exchange is:

  • a reciprocal mechanism for practicing artists to give and receive written responses to their work
  • an exploration of dance writing forms, articulating artistic dialogue and complexity
  • a record of experimental performance work in Minneapolis
  • an opportunity for audiences to access performance through written word and through the lens of performance-makers

Put simply, this is a space for performance-makers to write about each others performances and for everyone to read them.

How it works: Participants agree to provide written responses to the performance work of others within the group. Everyone is responsible for writing at least one response, and then owe an additional piece for every response they receive to their own work.

Criticism Exchange FAQ

Initiated and co-facilitated by Emily Gastineau and Theresa Madaus. If you are interested in participating in Criticism Exchange, email us at emily.gastineau@gmail.com and theresa.madaus@gmail.com.

Round Five Participants (May-October 2016): Jennifer Arave, Emma Barber, Charles Campbell, Angharad Davies, Torre Edahl, Non Edwards, Emily Gastineau, Joe Kellen, Eben Kowler, Eric Larson, Reb Limerick, Theresa Madaus, Dolo McComb, Shelby Richardson, Moheb Soliman, Syniva Whitney, Taja Will

Round Four Participants (November 2015-April 2016): Scott Artley, Jennifer Arave, Emma Barber, Melissa Birch, Charles Campbell, Angharad Davies, Non Edwards, Emily Gastineau, Hannah Geil-Neufeld, Theo Goodell, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Samantha Johns, Joe Kellen, Eric Larson, Theresa Madaus, Megan Mayer, Dolo McComb, Billy Mullaney, Sharon Picasso, Moheb Soliman, Justin Spooner, Taja Will, Syniva Whitney

Round Three Participants (May-October 2015): Anat Shinar, Billy Mullaney, Charles Campbell, Dolo McComb, Emily Gastineau, Emma Barber, Eric Larson, Erin Search-Wells, Hannah Geil-Neufeld, Hannah Kramer, Jennifer Arave, Justin Jones, Kristin Van Loon, Lazer Goese, Liz Wawrzonek, Melissa Birch, Moheb Soliman, Non Edwards, Pareena Lim, Pramila Vasudevan, Sally Rousse, Samantha Johns, Sean Smuda, Sharon Picasso, Theresa Madaus

Round Two Participants (November 2014-April 2015): Jennifer Arave, Emma Barber, Melissa Birch, Charles Campbell, Kenna Cottman, Non Edwards, Emily Gastineau, Laura Holway, Eben Kowler, Justin Jones, Theresa Madaus, Megan Mayer, Billy Mullaney, Junauda Petrus, Sharon Picasso, April Sellers, Karen Sherman, Moheb Soliman, Sally Rousse, Kristin Van Loon, Liz Wawrzonek

Round One Participants (April-October 2014): Jennifer Arave, Emma Barber, Melissa Birch, Charles Campbell, Kenna Cottman, Non Edwards, Emily Gastineau, Judith Howard, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Sam Johnson, Tara King, Eben Kowler, Theresa Madaus, Megan Mayer, Billy Mullaney, Sharon Picasso, Sally Rousse, Chris Schlichting, April Sellers, Karen Sherman, Anat Shinar, Rosy Simas, Moheb Soliman, Morgan Thorson, Arwen Wilder, Kristin Van Loon, Laurie Van Wieren, Liz Wawrzonek, Chris Yon

Round one participants agreed to write six responses in six months’ time.

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