Reb L Limerick: No Title (Not Untitled)

No Title (Not Untitled)
Possible titles: 
Sidewalk Dance Marathon
Pajama Jamma
Sleep Under the Meme Catcher
Research Study 052016
Endurance Meme Generator
The Two Dancing White Boys

make believe slumber party
the shape of a rainbow 
the sound of a swirl
waking up and stretching down

fruit aisle plastic netting 
shoddy containers 
a tent built out of sheets
do we sleep in envelopes?

giant green stage light gel 
becomes bed for a moment
hanging snake with two balls
a quiet penis joke

the length of it
an olympic training pool
a fashion runway
in your living room

the white boy dance marathon
be a dog, be a flower
be wind and water
the stench of sweat

middle school dance partners
try to be your pretty self
who spins who?
pursed out lips

blowing sloppy spit bubbles 
drooling under a spotlight
working up a sweat
REFUEL, REHYDRATE, get back out there!

power bars, popcorn & nuts
potential energy in his lunge
gearing up for boredom
a paint scrapper gavel

a mound of something
amounts to nothing
how old are you?
a something on loop

a summoning on loop
a summoning on loop
a summoning on loop

talented bartender slinging drinks
brewing a gaseous planet
mixing the invisible ingredients
casting spells, aiming energy across

digital flower currency reward system
the stamina and monotony
of a video game
weirdo sports on repeat

performing in the street 
dancing on a grate
climbing down a cliffside
delivering yourself safely

fix cuffs with tape
take a pit stop, make it quick
a friend lends a safety pin
where’s the risk?

are you stuck in a loop?
if you would just make eye contact
I could be your neighbor
what’s the big secret?

the director whispers
marker drawings under a placemat
concealed with a hand flick
how do you know him?

consult your internet phone window
dance for the purpose
of meme generation
they will only exist in cyberspace

hold him down and fart on him
a loud raspberry on the stomach
are you two brothers?
a summoning on loop


Reb L Limerick responds to the work of Eric Larson
A presentation of research 
3x5 May Residency Open Studios at The Soap Factory
Performers: Ryan Bockenhauer and Leif Hove 
Meme Researcher: Billy Mullaney


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