Kristin Van Loon writes about Jennifer Arave

Is this about not caring?

There are at least 7 computers in this room.

Who cares more that my eyes settle on the big video instead of the live figures, Jennifer or Audrey?

During my period of viewing, I got:
—Heavy chin on edge of dog bed.

—A request to move to the blanket (quietly refused).

—A brushing event
that included a saggy “manhandled” flip.

—Jennifer retrieving a detached stuffed animal head. Several rounds of fitting it on Audrey’s face and removing it to cut eye holes. Measuring. Audrey’s indifferent donning. Sometimes she backed her head out, retracting her face into her spine.

—Some i-Phone noodling.

—The suggestion that I’m “a big girl”.

—A looping video:
“No drinking”
muffled comments about “folders” + “tabs”
“No drinking”
muffled comments about “folders” + “tabs”
“No drinking”
muffled comments about “folders” + “tabs”

I dozed.

I inventoried the objects.

Jennifer ate dog snacks.

……funny, I handwrote this over two weeks ago. Now, I see the unrelated notes on the next page of my notebook as perfectly relevant. They say:

“Yvonne Rainer 1967 10:00 b+w silent. ‘Five Easy Pieces’…………….’Volleyball’ is the best part”

Jennifer Arave’s
Dog Minutes, the first installation of her 4-part “Pardon me, Do You Speak Dog?”
performed by by Jennifer Arave + Audrey, Pit Bull Terrier
at Skewed Studio
July 17, 2014


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